Cuba Many Reasons to Visit

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Cuba: Many Reasons to Visit

Cuba: Many Reasons to Visit

Cuba is a country comprised of one large island and many smaller islands in the Caribbean. Cuba is most well known for its lovely warm climate, lively music, and exciting culture. Of course, there is also traditional fare, classic Mojitos, Cuban cigars and history.

There are many exciting reasons to visit Cuba – warm weather, spotless beaches, and an energized nightlife are only a few. The people and culture are as warm as the weather and there are many sights to see in Cuba, as well.

Beach SceneBeach in Cuba

Cuba’s beaches are known for their snowy white sand and glistening sea. Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are two beachfronts worth adventuring. Water sports are exhilarating here as well. Palm trees, coves, and the natural view from the boardwalk made the beach scene in Cuba delightful.

Historical Settings

Old Havana is a great place to visit. It has the restorative sites for which Cuba is well known. The Museum of Revolution will give you insight to the history of Cuba. Old Havana is steeped in history regarding the Cuban Revolution. Here you can find out more about Che Guevara and how he was a pop culture icon.

Nightly Entertainment

The place to be after a hot day in the sun or an exhilarating bout of water sports is the Vedado district. Here you can capture the socuba3und of jazz music and the wafting scent of a good Cuban cigar. The Buena Vista Social Club will find you enjoying the sounds of Cuban music with perhaps a backdrop of traditional salsa beat. You may even find yourself dancing the night away under the stars.

Food and Beverage

Be sure to try the traditional Cuban fare offered in many of the eateries there. Traditional dishes such as ceviche, which is fish marinated with lime, or ropa vieja, which is a traditional shredded beef stew, are found in many of the beachside venues. Of course, while you are dancing the night away to the salsa beat and listening to Cuban music, do not forget to top off your evening with a Cuban cigar and the traditional drink of Cuba, the Mojito.

As you can see, Cuba is a combination of many things to soothe the soul. Sparkling sea, sandy beaches, history, tradition, culture, traditional food, and drink all await you should you choose to visit Cuba.

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  1. Cuba is great but the influx of petty travelers will soon spoil its natural beauty


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