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Premier Body Armor: Providing Superlative Body Armors At Unbeatable Charges

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      Body Armors are the vital equipment for the people who are working in law enforcement agencies. These armors can resist the attack of rifles and bullets and thus offer security. But, it is imperative to purchase superior quality of body armors which can offer you safety in every such situation where you have to bear the attack of weapons. There are several companies that offer you body armors and bulletproof vests but only few are as good as Premier Body Armor. Premier Body Armor is the leading company providing light-weight and slim armors that are comfortable to wear. They provide armors which are manufactured using steel ballistic plates which can offer you multi-hit protection even from high powered rifles.

      The multi-curved body armors supplied by Premier Body Armor provide you protection from pointed weapons along with high powered rifles. All the armors provided by them are tested and certified and thus the steel armor can ensure complete protection of your upper body in any working environment. Durable carriers and tactical vests are some of the exceptional products offered by Premier Body Armor which are designed to provide protection, comfort and flexibility to wearer.

      Premier Body Armor offer their Premier Durus 8000 steel body armor comes with a warranty of 10 years. Moreover, the tactical vests and plate carriers are also available with a warranty period of 2 years. They hold 20 years of experience in manufacturing bulletproof vests and thus they are able to offer top-class vests which provide you protection from shot guns, hand guns and high-powered rifles. They manufacture all their products in their headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

      They provide their body armors not only to policemen and workers of law enforcement agencies but also to civilians. All their armors are made using high-quality and ultra strong steel. Premier Body Armor strives harder to render matchless services to their clients by offering them superlative steel body armors and bullet proof vests at highly competitive prices.

      For more information about Steel Body Armor and their bulletproof vests, please visit

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