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Traditional Food From Cyprus You Should Try

No visit to Cyprus is complete without sampling all of the mouth-watering delicacies that Cyprus has on offer. From the Meze and the Yemista to the Moussaka and the Kleftiko, every dish has a distinctly Cypriot flavor that you’d be hard put to find anywhere else. Meze You better be ravenous when you order a Meze. A Cypriot favorite, it is not just one tidbit but an assortment of Mezedes. Order it and you can expect an interesting platter with a medley of 20 or 30 different savories and appetizers including halloumi, feta, smoked ham, octopus, koupepia or stuffed vine leaves, sliced artichokes, hummus, olives, barbouni, a delicious red mullet and succulent pieces of turkey or chicken. Eating a Meze is an experience in itself. Take your time and savor every delicious bite. Yemista Another po...

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