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Planning for Great Grand Canyon Hiking Trip

  When you and your friends decide to have a Grand Canyon Hiking trip, the experience must be fitting to the name. The following are important things you need to know about Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon hiking: How to go there? Most travelers who want to go to the Grand Canyon either land on the Sky Harbor International in Phoenix (PHX) or the McCarran International in Las Vegas (LAS). From there, travelers have 2 choices: either to take a half-day drive or utilize a commuter flights from Phoenix to Page, Arizona (PGA) or Flagstaff, Arizona (FLG). Obviously, if you decide to take the commuter flights, you can spend more time on your actual hiking than on the road but if you want to spend more time on the road, here are the estimated travel times to the South Rim from these major citie...

Adventure Travel : The Most Exhilarating “Must Do” Trips

Ever since the man could walk, he traveled. At first, we traveled to escape harsh climate and find food, but as we evolved, we started traveling for fun. Thus appeared travel destinations and travel guides. As time passed, more and more people started traveling to various locations, for the landscape, traditions and thrills. Here are a few travel locations that are sure to give you your thrills and kicks, somewhat like a top five, I guess, but don’t trust me – go check them out yourself out! 1. Himalaya By far the greatest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya have captured the imagination of philosophers, mystics, mountaineers and empire builders from the earliest ancestors of contemporary Hindus and Buddhists to the present day. Mount Kailash, home of the greatest of the gods, ...

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