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Cuba: Many Reasons to Visit

Cuba is a country comprised of one large island and many smaller islands in the Caribbean. Cuba is most well known for its lovely warm climate, lively music, and exciting culture. Of course, there is also traditional fare, classic Mojitos, Cuban cigars and history. There are many exciting reasons to visit Cuba – warm weather, spotless beaches, and an energized nightlife are only a few. The people and culture are as warm as the weather and there are many sights to see in Cuba, as well. Beach Scene Cuba’s beaches are known for their snowy white sand and glistening sea. Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are two beachfronts worth adventuring. Water sports are exhilarating here as well. Palm trees, coves, and the natural view from the boardwalk made the beach scene in Cuba delightful. Histor...

Looking for Romance? Look no further than Antigua

If your destination vacation is to escape to a romantic rendezvous, then look no further than Antigua. Antigua has all the benefits of a perfect vacation with sugar sand beaches and azure waters, but it also specifically caters to the romantic soul in you. There are many places to visit in Antigua but to get the most out of your romantic getaway, here are the top three. Sandals Grande Sandals Grande Antigua is well known as the most romantic getaway in Antigua and for very good reason. Besides the miles of white sandy beach, the warm sun, and turquoise waters, the Sandals Grande offers every amenity the romantic soul could wish to have. The Honeymoon Rondoval is a cone-shaped building that has all the privacy a honeymoon couple could ever desire. It is surrounded by a garden oasis and come...

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